Different whitening methods for different skin types

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Lack of moisturizing skin, weakness, whitening, no play

Any skin type is to adhere to moisturizing homework. Replenishment is the basis of all maintenance, especially for whitening. Whitening products need to reach the deep working of the skin, and through the metabolism of the skin, let the epidermis renew and fall off. If the moisturizing degree is not enough, the whitening nutrition can not penetrate, the skin has no metabolic power, then the thousands of products you use on your face will Beat the water.

Dry skin: nutrient cream + high-efficiency moisturizing mask

Don't feel that daily care is enough to moisturize, so you don't need to be specially prepared. For dry skin, an intensive moisturizing treatment must be performed before whitening. Compared with whitening and anti-aging, hydrating is a kind of quick effect. Therefore, intensive care for one week can make a whitening foundation for dry skin. At the same time, dry skin not only needs water, but also needs the cooperation of nutrients.

Oily skin: moisturizing lotion + oil control moisturizing mask

Oil skin hydration is more simple, and the effect is faster. Generally, the water is intensively replenished in 3 to 5 days, so that the skin can be upgraded to a balanced state, which perfectly meets the whitening. However, during this period, the oil skin should pay attention to the cooperation of oil control products.

Whitening protection is very particular about different skin types

Whitening and protection are the tacit partners, but they are indispensable, but now the general view is that protection is done all the time, whether during whitening or before whitening, only in this way can this whitening campaign win beautiful, no Worried about it. But what I didn't expect was that the skin was different and the protection was very particular.

Dry or sensitive skin

Some damage is more terrible than UV: safe sunscreen + isolation products

The protective measures required for these two types of skin are very similar. Because the stratum corneum is thin, the sun is easy to dehydrate the skin, and the ability to cope with external stimuli is relatively low. For them, protection is not only important to prevent ultraviolet rays, but also to prevent environmental pollution. Therefore, isolation is essential.

Oily skin

Eat the sun's loss with powder cakes: clear sunscreen products + powder with sunscreen value

Oily skin is not the same as the protection we imagined, not a bottle of sunscreen. The oil skin is more disadvantageous in the face of the sun, because it loves oil, the oil light absorbs ultraviolet light and dirty air more easily, so oily skin is easier to tan. Therefore, it is also important to flatten the grease while protecting against UV rays.

Do you dare to use whitening without repairing the problem skin?

Today's whitening products are safe enough to have no side effects on the skin, but the two types of people may be – ultra-dry muscles and sensitive muscles. Most of the whitening products contain VC and acidic ingredients, which is fine for a healthy foundation, but if it is fragile, it may not be able to withstand the whitening test. It is especially recommended that these two types of skin, first carry out some repairs, warm up and then whiten.

Ultra-dry skin can be "healed" without hydrating: massage cream + night repair essence

Ultra-dry is not a normal dry skin, it will often be red, itchy, and what products use the skin to kill the pain. Although this type of skin is not a sensitive type, it is quite fragile. It is not a problem that can be solved by rushing water. It requires a special method, because extremely dry skin will make the skin metabolism very slow, and this kind of dryness is not water can be "healing". of.

Sensitive skin you have to subtly use whitening: moisturizing lotion + repair sensitive cream

The VC contained in whitening is easily oxidized, which is a big enemy for sensitive skin. Therefore, many skin-sensitive people almost always say bye-bye with whitening. But no need to despair, experts pointed out that before whitening, first strengthen the protective film of the stratum corneum, thicken the skin wall, make the skin strong enough. When whitening, start with the night cream product, and gradually add to the whitening essence after the adaptation, it can be safe enough.

Collagen that is ripe for mature skin: skin care products that stimulate collagen + oral collagen products

It is very frustrating for women to reduce collagen production after the age of 25, and they have to rely on external force to effectively stimulate them. For the reduction of collagen itself, it is not only dependent on skin care products, but also from the diet to the maintenance products. At the same time, moderate massage of the skin can also have a stimulating effect.

Sensitive skin sunburst you can only make up yourself: safe lotion + collagen night cream

Sensitive skin with thin skin walls, even for younger skin, collagen is much faster than others under adverse conditions. Therefore, before the whitening, special attention should be paid to collagen supplementation, otherwise the effect may be greatly reduced.

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