Chinese and Japanese beauty hairdressers hold industry exchange events in Tokyo

Issuing time:2019-05-30 00:00

The industry exchange meeting of the previous China-Japan World Hair and Beauty Fashion Show was held at the Hollywood Hair and Beauty College in Tokyo. More than 300 beauticians from nearly 20 beauty and hairdressing training institutions and salons in China and Japan gathered together to communicate through beauty and hairdressing techniques and works.

According to the organizers of the event, Japan is in the forefront of the world in the fashion field such as beauty salons. It is the Asian country that has produced many world-renowned hairdressers. The event aims to let Chinese beauty salon practitioners understand Japanese beauty salon culture and understand more advanced. Technology and philosophy. In the exhibition, Chinese beauty hairdressers can more intuitively explore the trend of Japanese frontiers. Chinese and Japanese beauty hairdressers create more excellent hair styles through exchanges, and promote the growth of beauty salons in China and Japan and even in Asia. .

The beauty salon exhibition on the 24th was part of this series of exchange activities. On the 23rd, Chinese beauty salons visited Japan to communicate with Japanese companies in the form of lectures. The president of the Hollywood Hairdressing and Beauty College, Yamanaka Nakahiro, and other Japanese companies introduced the development of the Japanese beauty salon industry and shared their experiences.

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