Spring day whitening gossip to help you freckle

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First, the amount of sunscreen is not less than half a teaspoon

Undoubtedly, the most important measure against skin tone and skin aging is to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day. But some people just don't like it, it's not too sticky, it's too oily. Now, the new sunscreen has solved the above-mentioned bad feelings. If you are not sure about the dosage, remember to find a small teaspoon and squeeze it with half a teaspoon.

Second, topical antioxidants

Green tea, pomegranate, and coffee beans are powerful skin care ingredients. Many dermatologists recommend using anti-oxidant skin care products containing these ingredients to help the skin prepare for free radical damage. Apply anti-oxidant skin care products directly to the skin that has been rubbed through the lotion, and then apply sunscreen after use, it will be foolproof.

Third, exercise for the face

In addition to basic skin care procedures, you can also do exercises for your skin at home. Apply skin care products every night, use a large piece of cleansing cotton to moisturize the toner, and then gently beat the skin about 50 times, not only promote blood circulation, stimulate cell vitality, persevere, but also make the skin more lustrous than before, The stimulation caused by the massage is also smaller.

Fourth, regular exfoliation

After peeling off the skin, the skin will be very shiny. As long as it is rubbed and rubbed in time to repair the moisturizing cream, it will not be red and dry. Using a micro-particle scrub every few days maintains the delicate touch of the skin, which is tantamount to venting the skin of everyday makeup. The most common problem is that we often forget to exfoliate. There is a simple suggestion: Enter “exfoliation” into your calendar reminder bar, about twice a week.

Fifth, start anti-aging whitening new products

A cold mist humidifier prevents the dry environment from absorbing moisture from your skin. Change the water filter on the rain head to filter out too much minerals and magazines in the water to help protect the natural lipid layer of skin and hair. Major brands have also launched new anti-aging whitening products for internal and external use, making your maintenance more effective.

Sixth, try a retinol

In the Western concept of maintenance, the vitamin A derivative, retinol, is an elixir of youthful skin. There is data to prove that retinol smoothes the skin, clears pores, stimulates collagen production and reduces wrinkles.

1. It is easy to skin sallow under pressure. Choose the essence or cream containing retinol. Thoroughly cleanse the skin before going to bed, wait a minute, then use (without once a day) retinol or cream, and change to 3-4 weeks and then use it every night. If your skin is sensitive, reduce the frequency to once every three days; apply it to dry skin. It is recommended to dilute the retinol cream with a small amount of moisturizer.

2. Please use with care. This is because retinol is irritating, so it should not be used within 24 hours before and after beeswax hair removal, exfoliation or exfoliation. Also remember to sunscreen every day to maintain a smooth and flawless result.

Seven, fall in love with rosehip oil

The way to brighten the skin is rosehip oil! Put it in your bathroom, rosehip oil is rich in linoleic acid, and the body needs linoleic acid to produce ceramide, an essential substance in the protective layer of healthy skin. After bathing, the skin is still moist, and a lid of rosehip oil is applied to the skin, which is superb.

Eight, don't forget the fibrin hand and the neck

Just as the face needs to be sunburned every day, the same is true for the hands and neck. Remember the "half teaspoon" principle mentioned earlier? A half teaspoon is also required for the hands and neck. After washing your hands, remember to apply a hand cream containing SPF. Also, if there is no hand cream or neck cream for the time being, the cream can be used more. The retinol cream used in the evening, or the antioxidant cream used in the morning, can take care of your neck and back. If you notice that fine lines have appeared on your neck, a moisturizing cream containing a silicone formula has a visually light staining effect, and its delicate molecules fill the skin between the sulcus to make your skin look smoother.

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