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MDI cotton Beyond aerospace technology
The new environmentally friendly materials jointly developed by BASF and Miyoshi Mitsui of Japan are halogen-free. They are widely used in baby products, bedding underwear and beauty products, and medical fields are the prominent milestones of sleep products. EQ students are easily invented by unique countries. The patented formula is combined with MD) cotton, which is more environmentally friendly than TD memory cotton latex products. It is not easy to be affected by temperature, and it is not easy to be hardened by low temperature, and it has no odor.
Slow rebound release pressure,zero pressure support
Open pore molecular structure Anti-mite
Lycra outer pillowcase, skin-friendly and static-free
EQ ecological easy pillow natural slow rebound characteristics, can adapt to all people and human body sleeping posture changes, not easy to oppress the head blood vessels and nerves, let you completely relax in sleep, keep deep sleep.
The open-cell molecular structure allows air to flow freely between the foam molecules and combines with EQ's unique national invention patent formula. The MD foaming technology absorbs moisture and moisture, adapts to any temperature, and allows the residual heat and moisture emitted by the body to escape.
Lycra is known as a "friendly" fiber, not only because it blends well with natural and synthetic fibers, but also adds fabric comfort, freedom of movement and long life.
Lycra fabric is the trade name of DuPont's spandex elastic fiber. The biggest feature is high elasticity and the name of elastic fiber.
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