Group culture
Meikang Group establishes the enterprise tenet of “technology first, innovation must be achieved; health guardian, create a miracle”, unite all the strengths and common wisdom of the enterprise, play a new and enterprising spirit, establish a grand long-term corporate goal, and actively undertake the big health industry. Development and the important responsibility of the strategic deployment of “Healthy China”, strive to create economic, technological and social values ​​under the health industry, achieve sustainable prosperity and continuous growth, and give development results to all employees, user groups and the general public. .
Meikang Group has gone through many years of corporate journeys, accumulated accumulation, and accumulated a lot of money. At present, it has expanded and established four subsidiaries, namely, Guangdong Meikang Nano Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Human Body Code Gene Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Province Yilu Sleep Technology Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Bangda Industrial Co., Ltd. are involved in various health fields including skin care, genetics, sleep systems, health care, etc., and rely on scientific research input, technical strength, creative patents, industrial scale and market strategy to continuously spread the influence of the group. To all areas of the national health industry, a complete system of large health industry has gradually formed. The four subsidiaries of the group have laid the backbone of the industry. They not only poured a lot of energy and effort into the group, but also placed their expectations and high expectations on the market and users. They are willing to live up to the mission and responsibility of the new era.
Meikang Group
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